2015 ISI – Week 2 Recap

Monday morning, June 15th, began with Rob sharing alternative formats/structures for narrative reading for students. Fellows had an opportunity to peruse different titles including House of Leaves, S, and eBook, The Fifty Year Sword.  The group wrote into the morning, eager for the opportunity, falling into the rhythm of ISI personal writing.

ChristenLater we began the teacher demonstration presentations.  Lawton introduced Becca in a fondly-written, alliterative tribute.  Fellows examined, tuned-in, and enjoyed the aroma of the savory chocolate deliciousness of various exotic chocolates to consider writing with sensory detail.  Becca provided structures for writing and encouraged fellows to choose words other than those most associated with senses.  Fellows actively wrote and shared the sweetness of both food and community.

Scott Smoot (ISI ’97 Fellow) took us through several drama activities–hilarious and spot-on for fellows to take back to their classrooms.

Our second demo featured Ashley’s Maker Spaces–our media specialist walked us through creating and collaborating with recycled objects.  Creativity abounded!

Tuesday, June 16th, Samara prepared omelet muffins, and a meme morning report, complete with Grumpy Cat.  Nathan presented “CAVEMAN”:  An acronym for revising student writing. He generated a lively discussion of the perils of punctuation and the difficulties of peer review.

Writing groups headed outdoors to share and bless, press, and address.

Wednesday, June 17th, David outdid himself with baked cinnamon French toast, sausages and ambrosia.  He delighted the fellows with a treasure map replete with “locations” of conversations of the previous day.

Kitty presented the A, B, C’s of memoir (with credit to Dan and Dawn Kirby)–with a promise of more to come next week (during Lawton’s demo time).

Lawton & SamaraThursday, June 18th, fellows explored community-based writing locations near their schools.  This was a first—and may well become a ISI place-based writing tradition.

Friday, June 19th:  Justin provided a hearty breakfast, and a clever “Choose Your Own Adventure” morning report. Fellows shared their Thursday experiences with photographs and anecdotal evidence of their travels.

David was introduced by Chrissy in a geographic overview of his life from South Dakota to Thailand and Alaska.

David’s demo on collaborative learning featured artifacts, a Skype interview with a German citizen, and solid citations from Freyer, Digital Writing, and Tom Romano.

Debbie Aughey used Periscope and urged us to try it.

Skype Around the World in Eighty Days was recommended by Ashley for visiting classrooms in other countries.

Chrissy’s introduction was an emotional piece by David, who wrote an interview from the perspective of one of Chrissy’s students who was enamored of her passion for art and literature.

Writing groups re-assembled with a competitive spirit in preparation for next Thursday’s presentations.

Super Cohort!

– Kitty Drew


Author:Jonathan Maxfield

Jonathan is the Administrative Associate for KMWP.

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