2015 ISI – Week 3 Recap

Monday, June 22, 2015
The morning began with breakfast and log from Nathan Edwards followed by writing into the day. With introduction from Nathan, Lyndsay Fleming presented our final demo presentation on inference through the use of writing maps in the social studies classroom. The demo provided fellows opportunities to explore objects in a bag and infer what those objects might be connected to and in what framework. Speculation and stories developed with cleaning supplies and dog toy narratives to follow.

The day continued with discussion of courage and scenario-based thinking and learning. Fellows debated the foundations of courage and considered the difference between courage and bravery all the while maintaining a collegial level of peace among their different opinions.

Fellows were treated to another session on memoir with Kitty Drew walking them through the ABCs of memoir. Choices were made and fellows wrote short memoir pieces hoping for more later in the week.

The day was concluded with a discussion of developing demos into conference presentations. Fellows wrote a first draft abstract for a potential 2016 GCTE presentation.

ashleyTuesday, June 23
Glenn Chance provided breakfast and the morning Audacity log followed by fellows writing into the day.

Writing groups met to make final decisions on what piece of writing would be presented and read for the final celebratory banquet on Thursday. Fellows also work-shopped potential selections for the final anthology.

KMWP director, Dr. Jennifer Dail, concluded the morning with a presentation on generating writing through the use of picture books. Fellows wrote to the images in The Mysteries of Harris Burdick.

Dr. Darren Crovitz joined us in the afternoon for a session on visual rhetoric. Fellows worked with groups to analyze various title sequences to shows.

The afternoon was concluded with fellows meeting in their writing groups to make final decisions on presentations for Thursday’s guests.

Wednesday, June 24
The morning began with breakfast and the ABCs of KMWP from Michelle Goodsite. Fellows then spent some time writing into the day.

Mary Lynn Huie joined the group to present a mini-lesson/jam session using the Literacy Design Collaborative website. Along with Mary Lynn several other KMWP teachers joined as guests for a continuity event. Fellows and guests practiced with mini-task skills and then developed one of their own skills-based lessons to share within the KMWP shared folder.

Fellows concluded the morning with conversation and decisions on how they might serve and participate in the future with the site.

A final celebratory lunch was held to conclude the day.

Thursday, June 25ISI pic 2015
Kitty surprised the fellows with a warm blueberry breakfast casserole. Fellows then wrote into the day with a request to consider their morning writing time when reflecting on the institute—how that writing time helped to evolve their writing, how that writing time might have implications for their own classrooms and in general, what they gained from having that time to write each morning.

Fellows invited guests to attend the final day presentations from each writing group. Each writing group developed and delivered a writing presentation with active participation from fellows and guests. The first group began with a stuffed poetry activity. Fellows and guests generated a personal poem around the lists they created. The second group allowed fellows and guests to play with Noden’s brushstrokes through writing and creative expression. Fellows created authentic writing and artistic representations using the five brushstrokes of absolutes, adjectives, appositives, action verbs and participles.

The day was concluded with the KMWP Awards Banquet and reading of writing by the fellows. KMWP awards and Leslie Walker Writers of Promise contest awards were presented and goodbyes were long as David Kitzler reminded us that like him, we all didn’t really want it to end.

– Michelle Goodsite


Author:Jonathan Maxfield

Jonathan is the Administrative Associate for KMWP.

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