KMWP Announces Leslie Walker Writers of Promise Winners for 2016

The KMWP announces our Leslie Walker Writers of Promise contest winners for 2016:

Cassidy Ginn from Thomas Crossroads is our Elementary School winner for an essay about a trip to the beach and making “drip castles” for Oma. Teacher: Jodi Smith

An excerpt from Cassidy’s submission:

I wanted to see what the view from the balcony was like so I went outside. “Woah,” I said as I looked down from the balcony. “I know, wow,” said my older sister Jillian. As we looked at the sparkly, rippling waves of the blue-green ocean I thought, beautiful.

Sophie Simpson from Moses Middle is our Middle School winner for her poem about finding place in a person. Teacher: Samara Frank

An excerpt from Sophie’s submission:

I was born with a wild heart

And a restless soul.

Wanderlust surged through my veins,

It rushed from the top of my head to my gypsy feet.


Bodie Fox from Armuchee High is our High School winner for his composition about home: “I Keep My Heart in My Pocket” Teacher: Emily Mowrey

An excerpt from Bodie’s submission:

Near the center of the rolling sea of grass and sharp, jagged cliffs of pine trees, lies a long, gravel driveway that used to be the companion of a collapsing fence. The driveway snakes parallel to John’s Creek for nearly half of a mile to a hill of red Georgia clay topped by a log-and-chinking cabin, my home.

Author:Mary Ann Stillerman

Mary Ann is an English Language Arts teacher at The Walker School and serves as the KMWP Continuity Chair.

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