KMWP Strategic Planning Meeting

This is an exciting time for KMWP! On Thursday, June 2 and Friday, June 3, KMWP held a Strategic Planning Meeting to think through the work of our site and plan for upcoming work.  The meeting was led by KMWP Director Jennifer Dail and was attended by several KMWP fellows.  The goals for the session were:

  1. Examine KMWP’s core programs
  2. Develop an action plan for each program
  3. Outline a calendar for KMWP 2016-2017
  4. Begin work for NWP/NCTE 2016 in Atlanta

The meeting began with individual free writing and sharing about the work of the Site.  After sharing their ideas, the team asked questions and discussed new ideas which arose.  The team then divided into subgroups focusing on Summer Institute, Youth Writing Academy, and Professional Development/Continuity Activities, respectively.  Each subgroup used tools and templates in the areas of:

  1. Strategic Action Planning
  2. Stakeholders/Partners
  3. Exploring Financial Issues
  4. Pulling it All Together

The subgroups are continuing their efforts and will be submitting their completed work by July 1. Some great ideas came out of this two-day meeting and we are looking forward to seeing the final products, which will shape the future of KMWP. Stay tuned as we will post details around July 15!






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