2016 NWP Annual Meeting

Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project was excited to serve as the host site for this year’s National Writing Project Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Michelle Goodsite, Rob Montgomery, and Jennifer Dail attended the meeting and represented KMWP. They enjoyed the opportunity to explore connected learning and leadership by networking with colleagues as well as participating in discussion groups and workshops. Jennifer Dail, KMWP Director, welcomed everyone to our beautiful home city.

Welcome by Jennifer Dail, KMWP Director




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As the local writing project site, we were able to share with the attendees our mission and how we advocate for literacy. We asked the question, “How do you ‘stick up” for literacy?’ and received wonderful examples!

  • By supporting and encouraging pre‐service teachers
  • By giving kids easy access to books
  • By crafting lessons for students, not at students
  • By creating a climate of consistent reading, talking and writing
  • By writing true words from the heart

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On Friday, KMWP hosted a Writing Marathon for 47 of our fellow National Writing Project teachers.  They were given the chance to write and share on topics inspired by the beautiful sites in and around Centennial Olympic Park.

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Teachers from KMWP volunteered to answer questions about the National Writing Project and about KMWP specifically at the NWP booth in the exhibit hall. It offered a great way to connect with local teachers and introduce them to the work of our site.

nwp-booth02 nwp-booth01

A great time was had by all, and we look forward to next year!


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