2018 ISI – Final Week Recap

June 18 – 22, 2018      2018 ISI Photo Gallery

Fellows shifted their writing and thinking from teacher as writer to teacher as instructor of writing during this final week of the summer institute. We were treated to creative morning logs to include a morning tea, a comic strip, found poetry and journey journal to wrap up our final week. Fellows spent one day at their school and community sites investigating ways to think about place-based writing with their students. After their own experiences the first week at the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield and the Holocaust and History Museum they were excited to think about how they could get their own students engaged with this type of engagement and writing in their schools and communities.










Fellows were treated with various guests this final week including those that continuously work to make our site as strong as it is. Sonny Harding, Samara Frank, Mary Ann Stillerman and Tyra Douyan visited to share their own KMWP experiences, so fellows could consider how they might begin to see the possibilities of continued involvement beyond the summer institute. Darren Crovitz and Michelle Devereaux also visited to push fellows to think about a different way to think about grammar instruction in their classrooms. Fellows were asked to consider grammar instruction thematically and how they might connect grammar to texts and themes they currently teach. Fellows were heard saying, “This has pushed me in way that I needed concerning grammar instruction.”

Fellows met several times throughout the week in their writing groups to work on anthology pieces and consider next steps for their inquiry for the school year. This time together was valuable in that fellows often said that this was the beginning of new journey personally and professionally as they continued to think about their teacher-self and their writer-self.

Amanda and Tommy helped give fellows opportunities to grow in their personal and professional selves by providing fellows with strong models of teacher demos and multiple writing strategies in this final week together.

Many fellows indicated that they have grown more in the last two weeks in confidence in their self as writer and teacher than they ever thought they would. All left the final day in disbelief of how two weeks could go so quickly and in anticipation for when the group would gather again. The connection and engagement of this group was beyond measure and looks to increase as the school year begins.



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