2020 Winners – Leslie Walker Writers of Promise Contest

Leslie Walker strived to create community in her classroom through writing about place. This ongoing effort was realized through her dedication to teaching writing to her students. To continue Leslie’s work, students experiment with writing about a specific place, which may be factual, imagined, or a combination of both. We received many outstanding essays this year and would like to extend our congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Leslie Walker Writers of Promise Contest!

Anders Johansen: World Language Academy, 4th Grade; Teacher: Elia Perry
Submission: “Where I Want to Go” by Anders Johansen

Bochen Shen: Malcom Bridge Middle School, 7th grade; Teacher: Susan Paten
Submission: “Black, White, and Red” by Bochen Shen

Lola Santambrogio: Alpharetta High School, 12th grade; Teacher: Derek Wright
Submission: “Place Piece” by Lola Santambrogio

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