20 Reasons to Join Us at a Summer Institute

In honor of 20 years of teachers teaching teachers at the KMWP, here are 20 reasons to attend the Invitational Summer Institute. 

1.  Meet colleagues who shareWeb_SummerInstitute your passion for teaching

2.  Breakfast with fellows each morning with food and activities that center on literary and cultural themes

3.  Amass an arsenal of teaching strategies that work

4.  Recharge your soul’s batteries

5.  Explore the latest in professional reading paired with animated discussion

6.  Engage in spirited exchanges of methodology

7.  Pursue personal writing

8.  Partner with fellows in teaching demos

9.  Join a committed group of lifelong learners

10.  Formulate new approaches to your classroom and curriculum

11.  Compare curricular strategies

12.  Trace your personal history as a reader and writer

13.  Support your belief in the infinite worth of every student

14.  Explain your personal teaching philosophy

15.  Evaluate yourself in myriad ways

16.  Contrast your current teaching situation with past assignments

17.  Describe your classroom climate and how it weathers the storms of change

18.  Embrace opportunities to grow

19.  Think outside the box and cherish an uncommon core

20.  Revel in new ideas



Author:Mary Ann Stillerman

Mary Ann is an English Language Arts teacher at The Walker School and serves as the KMWP Continuity Chair.

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