PD Partnership with Campbell High School

Using funds from the National Writing Project’s Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) 3 grant and building off of our new partnership with Area 2 of the Cobb County School District, KMWP partnered with Campbell High School to deliver 30 hours of professional development. Dr. Denise Magee, the new principal at Campbell High School, is working toward a literacy plan for the school. Initially, KMWP agreed to a partnership in supporting and developing this literacy plan; Rob Montgomery, Jennifer Dail, and Michelle Goodsite met with her several times. They proposed and collaboratively developed a model that assessed the school’s literacy needs and develop leaders in literacy implementation and support across the curriculum. Rob and Jennifer led all of Campbell’s teachers in small-group discussions of how they define literacy in their content areas, the challenges they are facing, and their goals for meeting the challenges. These meetings occurred during teachers’ common planning time and data was collected through an anonymous survey. Using information from those surveys, we met with Dr. Magee, and she identified teacher leaders in each content area to serve as literacy coaches/leaders in the school. KMWP worked with those teachers during full-day workshops on several Saturdays during Spring 2013 to set school-wide goals; to identify strategies they might share with others and implement; to foster ongoing discussions about how application in the classroom is going; and to develop school-wide rubrics to create consistency in expectations across the school.

Author:Jennifer Dail

Jennifer is an Associate Professor of English Education at Kennesaw State University and Director of the Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project.

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