2015 ISI – Back to our Roots

Every summer, educators attend the KMWP Invitational Summer Institute (ISI) to examine their practice and analyze research & theory related to the teaching of writing and its role in student learning. These teachers return to their classrooms as KMWP teacher leaders: models of effective disciplinary literacy instruction for their schools and districts.

Through the KMWP ISI, teachers enter a community of dedicated professionals who are committed to the improvement of education through effective writing practices. Three core principles guide the work of the ISI:

  1. Teachers are the best teachers of other teachers.
  2. Teachers are writers who understand and improve their practice when they write themselves.
  3. Teachers are leaders who can affect change in their classrooms and communities.

In this era of increased pressure on educators to test and perform to a set of imposed standards, the ISI provides an opportunity to experience the autonomy, respect, and true collegiality often missing in common professional development programs. It provides an environment that allows teachers to challenge themselves as writers, thinkers, and mentors–and grow as a result.

gray“It was our idea that the summer institute should
develop a corps of teachers prepared to teach
other teachers. We saw these teachers as
experts who could be called on to serve with
authority in the struggle to improve the teaching
of writing in the nation’s schools. The summer
institute would serve as an invitation to this

James Gray, Founder of the National Writing Project


The KMWP invites you to attend the 2015 ISI where we will reinvigorate the National Writing Project model of teachers-teaching-teachers by cultivating creativity, collaboration, and confidence. Come grow and flourish with us!

Please feel free to explore the link to our Summer Institute FAQ, and then, if it sounds right for you, complete and submit the application for fellowship.



Author:Jonathan Maxfield

Jonathan is the Administrative Associate for KMWP.

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