Literacy Coaching with Atlanta Public Schools

Using teacher consultants contracted through the organization Improving Student Achievement (ISA), KMWP contracted four retired teachers and/or faculty to provide literacy coaching at Booker T. Washington High School, South Atlanta High School, and Therrell High School. This work produced approximately $17,000 in sales and workshop funds for KMWP and helped us establish relationships with Atlanta Public Schools, a school system that has previously proved to be difficult with forging partnerships.

The KMWP consultants involved in this work were Katherine Nichols, former English teacher at Sprayberry High School; Michael Dias, Associate Professor of Biology Education at Kennesaw State University; Joanne Simpson, Assistant Professor of English Education and Literacy; and Jennifer Dail, Associate Professor of English Education and Director of the Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project.

Through the literacy coaching, KMWP consultants worked with assigned teachers to support them in developing and implementing literacy-based strategies to engage students in higher-order thinking in their classrooms. Tools such as Depth of Knowledge and Rigormeter were used to help teachers focus on developing higher-order questions to support all students in their classrooms. Consultants spent at least one day a week in their assigned schools and attended monthly professional development meetings facilitated by ISA. Consultants shared their expertise with English teachers, science teachers, and reading teachers.


Author:Jennifer Dail

Jennifer is an Associate Professor of English Education at Kennesaw State University and Director of the Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project.

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