Cobb County Area 2 2012 Mini Institute

Given that the nature of NWP funding has changed, KMWP has found ways to sustain our model while drawing from community and campus resources to support that work. In addition to holding the traditional Invitational Summer Institute during 2012, Area 2, a high-needs zone of Cobb County School District, used Title I funds to pay teacher consultants from KMWP to develop and deliver a mini-Summer Institute during the first week of August. Rob Montgomery and Jennifer Dail organized the planning and implementation of the work. The cohort had ten fellows ranging from elementary to high school grades and across content areas selected from the same application process implemented for the ISI. The mini-Institute implemented the same strategies used in the ISI, just modified for the abbreviated time frame. The work of the mini-Institute centered on implementing literacy strategies using models from Jeff Anderson’s Mechanically Inclined within a framework of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP). Michelle Devereaux, a faculty member at the university who specializes in CRP and language diversity, spent a day with us in the mini-institute laying the groundwork for our conceptual framing. The remaining days of the week, teacher consultants focused on writing strategies and pedagogical discussions unique to their classroom contexts.

The unique facet of this mini-institute is the three follow-up sessions during the academic year. These are designed to offer continuing support and conversations for the fellows and are facilitated by teacher consultants from previous ISIs. Because of the success Area 2 experienced with this model, we are currently working with them to offer a mini-institute to a second cohort of fellows during June 2013.

Author:Jennifer Dail

Jennifer is an Associate Professor of English Education at Kennesaw State University and Director of the Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project.

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