Continuity Programs

Come to the Mountain!

The KMWP Continuity Program provides opportunities for fellowship and professional renewal throughout the year. While these events allow former Summer Institute fellows and KMWP members to reconnect on a regular basis, they are also open to all educators, parents, students, and community members interested in promoting literacy.

Contact KMWP’s Continuity Program Coordinator, Mary Ann Stillerman, for information or to r.s.v.p. to an upcoming event.

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Join us on the mountain this summer for Continuity workshops during the KMWP Summer Institute.

  • Discover resources and collaborate with your peers to prepare mini-lessons during our Mini-Lesson Morning Jam Session on June 24th.
  • Join us for A Trunkful of Treasures and explore community and place-based writing in a full-day workshop and excursion to historic Marietta on June 9th.

Come back to the mountain and bring a colleague along to see what the KMWP and Summer Institute offer while you connect and collaborate with other fellows. Register for these workshps here:

Book Clubs

Groups of teachers have gathered together to discuss popular texts such as Notice and Note and Teaching Argument Writing. Look for future invitations to join KMWP book clubs on Facebook, Twitter, and

Writing Groups

Do you need a reason to join a writing group? Check all that apply:


  • You are working on a novel/short story and need a reader’s ear.
  • You want to recapture the “magic” from your Summer Institute.
  • You want to strengthen your writing and develop your craft.
  • You have an idea for an article and need a sounding board.
  • You enjoy reading drafts and talking about technique.
  • You are a writer. It’s what we do.

“A colleague’s ‘can’t fail’ worksheet, an adage by a famous writer, and even a good chapter in a book about writing simply cannot duplicate the magic—there’s really no other word for it—when writers simply write and share their writing in a supportive environment.” ~ Bill Connolly (“Keith’s Question.” The Voice. The National Writing Project, 9.2 (2004))


Previous Continuity Events

  • NWP Link & Learn: Learn more at NWP’s Digital Is The Short Form
  • Idea Exchange: Using Books as Mentor Text (hosted by Cindy Crews)
  • Dine and Discuss Diversity with Zsa Boykin (Lisa Delpit’s Other People’s Children)
  • KMWP Radio: Readings from KMWP Fellows
  • Writing from Memory: Multigenre Writing Using the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress
  • Reaching Reluctant Writers Through Memoir
  • Teaching the Holocaust panel & discussion